2016 Tapping World Summit

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What is the 2016 Tapping World Summit?

The 2016 Tapping World Summit is a 100% free 10 day, online audio event hosted by thetappingsolution.com where you’ll get access to the world’s leading EFT Tapping experts to help you transform in a variety of different areas in your life.  The experts will be covering topics such as growing your finances, losing weight, releasing pain, overcoming stress, anxiety and overwhelm and much more.  You’ll discover how to get at the root causes of your challenges and how to release them using a technique known as EFT Tapping.

Over 1 million people have attended the previous seven annual Tapping World Summits, with attendance growing each year and reaching over 500,000 last year alone!

This online event — the “2016 Tapping World Summit” — is about giving you answers to your most pressing questions about Tapping as well as expanding your consciousness and understanding to take you to new levels of emotional and physical health, abundance, and overcoming barriers and traumas that may have been haunting you for years.

When is the 2016 Tapping World Summit?

The 2016 Tapping World Summit is being held online from Monday, 22 February through Friday, 04 March.

Where can I register?

You can find all the details and sign up for this free online event at http://www.tappingworldsummit.com/.


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