I had an amazing experience. I scheduled my session around a time where I was processing a lot of emotional blockages. This session helped me immensely through that process from a perspective of unconditional love and knowing things were going to be okay. Thank you!

Heather Maeder

My Reiki healing session with Jack Johnson was an uplifting and awakening experience! I felt safe and calm the whole time, yet was able to make huge shifts in my energy field for the better! I went through many changes throughout the session and really felt him flowing and moving through the chakras. I thoroughly enjoyed both Jack as a healer and professional as well as getting to know him and his kind and open personality. I always felt very comfortable with Jack even in discussing personal issues or intentions for the session, he always put my mind at ease! To summarize; Jack is a talented, fresh, experienced and powerful Reiki Master and I will be going back to him as well as recommending others.

Alison Olkowski

I had a very relaxing reiki session with Jack, was very comforting and mellowed me down to an off and on sleep. I had been experiencing as well itchy ears, for a week now i had been battling with a sinus and ears infection, and had many times this year ear infections, so i trust i am healed after this beautiful reiki session. Thank you so much Jack! I will definitely return to his wonderful reiki services.

Claudia Auger

My distance reiki session with Jack was very relaxing and warm. I made sure to be comfortable and before long i could feel light sensations through out my energy centers like the feeling of butterflies. When it was over, I quickly fell asleep. The best sleep I have had in a while!


Thank you Jack! It was just what I needed, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I had my attunement last Thursday and the last two days especially I’ve been feeling heavy with emotion – frustration, anger, exhaustion. And with a 3 year old and a 4 month old at home with me it’s been hard to focus on realising these even with self reiki. 5 minutes into our session I felt lighter and I caught myself smiling. I feel like crying, not from sadness but from the lightness I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you times a million!!


I have been feeling a bit out of balance and requested a session with Jack. During the session I felt my whole body warm up and saw some great colorful visions. I felt energized and grounded after this wonderful session, thanks again Jack!

Katalin Toth

I would like to say that I recently had a very nice Reiki channeling from Jack Johnson. I had a wonderful sense of calm come over me and all of my surroundings went quiet. It was serene and divine, I could feel the Reiki energy begin to flow and it felt like a big hug. After the session I was very calm and relaxed and felt no pain in my previously achy neck and shoulders, I also did not feel any pain again for quite a few days and I have been able to sleep much better since. Thank you so much Jack, I highly recommend Jacks Reiki sessions and look forward to having another soon.

Ange Baxendine

Wow – Honestly, this was actually the most powerful session I’ve had. Wow! Right away, I felt strong tingling and buzzing in my hands and feet, and then waves of energy and tingling throughout my entire body. At one point, I got emotional and felt my body sob, then I relaxed and felt the waves of energy again – it was like I was releasing something, which is good – that’s one of the things I really needed to do. I felt the tingles and waves of energy very strongly throughout the entire session – amazing! I actually can still feel it now, and I do feel a lot better now, too. Thank you so much – this was an amazing session, and I am very grateful! heart emoticon

Lynn M.

Thank you so very much for my distance reiki healing. I was dealing with a rather painful headache and during the session I felt my headache slowly subside and finally go away. Thank you very much.


I received my distance Reiki session the day before the third part of a root canal appointment. The next day I was feeling pain in the area and the doctor said it was still infected so I needed to take some medication, which usually affect my sensitive stomach. Even with some pain, I was calm & relax during the process, the medication did not upset my stomach and now I don’t feel any pain in the area. Thank you Mr. Johnson.

Lynnette López

I really enjoyed my distance session with Jack V Johnson, his treatment put me into a very deep relaxing state. I also saw flashing colors and felt as if my chakras were rotating. I’m very grateful for the distance healing.

Ale Keo

I settled in with some binaural tones, and almost immediately, I felt myself, sponge-like, absorbing energy, not in a dramatic fashion, though rather rapidly. I moved into a space where I was simply “in” the life-force, not limited to being in a physical body. I noticed neon colors in and around the energy. I surrendered to the flow; wasn’t difficult to do that. Around 15 minutes into the session, I felt an abrupt shift, and something else took over, a more deliberate force, as though some intentional adjustments were taking place. I saw colors differently, now – in a more practical/tangible sense, I think. Some color visions, of sorts, and near the end, a geometric pattern. I also asked reiki energy to collaborate with another energy I carry; one that can be pretty intense and overpowering, at times. I’m hoping some blending has begun. Then, about 9:25, I felt sort of kicked out into the here and now; nothing unpleasant, though there was clarity, for me, that the session had come to its natural conclusion. Wow – thanks!

Vicki Bartlett

My session with Jack was my first distance Reiki treatment and I was not sure what to expect.  We initially connected via Skype at the appointed time, and I immediately felt comfortable with him as I could tell he had a very kind demeanour, and a gentle spirit.  He told me that he would begin as soon as we disconnected from Skype, so I put my iPad down and got into a comfortable position.

I had not made any intentions for this session as I had so many issues going on I did not know which to choose, so I left it up to the Reiki to go where I needed it most.  Almost immediately, I felt my throat chakra pulsing very strongly! I was quite surprised that was here the energy felt it needed to go, but obviously there was something there that needed to be worked on.

The throbbing and pulsing continued throughout the half hour session, gradually becoming softer and softer as the time went on.  I could tell exactly when the session ended as all vibrations stopped and my body became very calm and relaxed.  Over the next few days I felt more positive and less stressed.

I really enjoyed the session, and even though I had not identified what area I wanted healed, I felt that it was very beneficial to me.  If you are considering a distance Reiki treatment, I would highly recommend Jack as a distance Reiki therapist.

Victoria Miecznikowski