Qigong Global Summit 2020

Free Online EventQigong Global SummitSeptember 22-25, 2020 You’ll get access to over 20 of the foremost teachers in the field — including Master Mantak Chia, Daisy Lee, Damo Mitchell, Lee Holden, Dr. Roger Jahnke, Master Mingtong Gu, and many...

Kundalini and the Brain Waves of Enlightenment

Saturday, 26 September 2020 - 1:00 PM EST Judith Pennington and John Dupuy are offering a free live webinar: Kundalini and the Brain Waves of Enlightenment Topics include: Just what is kundalini?How to identify the signs of a kundalini experienceHow to prepare...

Happy World Meditation Day 2020!

Happy World Meditation Day 2020!   This year, World Meditation Day is being observed on Thursday 21 May. However you practice... I hope you are enjoying this day!

The Art Of Mindfulness | Why Mindfulness Matters & How To Practice It

Excerpted from John Parrott's terrific guide on mindfulness over on his blog at https://relaxlikeaboss.com/the-art-of-mindfulness/ - be sure to check out the full guide there!   Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. In this guide,...

Leaving the Burden of Guilt Behind

Sometimes even after letting go of our mistakes we still feel guilt. Feelings of guilt are distressing and draining. What can be done about it now? Get over your guilt with these strategies: Determine if you should feel guilty. Whose standards are you using? Your...

This is Frans Stiene’s Brain on Reiki (video)

Frans Stiene is one of my favorite writers on the subject of Reiki. He combines a clear, easy to follow writing style with a deep practice and a willingness to follow his inquiring mind and spirit where they lead him.

Case in point: In 2011, Frans engaged in Reiki sessions with his subject, Deborah Harrigan, while both were connected to Mind Mirror EEG devices. “What I saw in Frans’ brain wave patterns was so startling that I checked his hookups repeatedly to make sure the electrodes were snug and secure enough to transmit a clear signal to my Mind Mirror,” said researcher Judith Pennington. “The hookup was good, but the images were hard to believe: Whether Frans was telling a joke or healing Deborah, he produced the brain wave pattern known as yoga nidra, or “psychic sleep,” wherein only the lowest and slowest delta waves are present to receive and transmit energy from the Field—without any but the slightest appearance (and interfering mental activity) of beta, alpha and theta.”

The videos below show the discussion of the test results, and Frans’ subsequent response. I’ll link to the original articles below – check them out for further details.

Original articles:

The Brain Waves of Reiki:  http://www.ihreiki.com/blog/article/the_brain_waves_of_reiki

Testing Reiki Brainwaves:  http://www.ihreiki.com/blog/article/testing_reiki_brainwaves/

Response to Reiki Brainwaves Test:  http://www.ihreiki.com/blog/article/response_to_reiki_brainwaves_test/