Reiki Healing Summit 2020

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Global Reiki Healing Summit 2020

The FREE 5th global Reiki Healing Summit takes place online Nov. 7 – 11, 2020. Join forces with over 25 of the world’s leading Reiki healers and lightworkers, including Raven Keyes, Susan Mitchell, Heather McCutcheon, Kathie Lipinski, Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, and Dr. Alyson Moadel for 5 days of learning and exploration of this spiritual healing practice.

Some of the aspects we’ll be exploring together:

  • Raise awareness and availability of the benefits of Reiki
  • Attain a higher frequency to see beyond the collective worldview
  • Understand how the external reflects the internal
  • Use your own breath to accelerate the inner transformation
  • Receive practices that get you connected with the power within
  • Recognize the myths and misconceptions about Reiki in healthcare
  • Discover the life-changing secret behind the Reiki Principles
  • Innovate your Reiki business with powerful distant healing essentials
  • Heal the past by dealing with childhood traumas
  • Clear your mind to connect with the true meanings of life
  • Explore how to make a real impact in the real world
  • And much more!

Daily topics include:

Day 1 – Being a Lighthouse for Others
On this first day, we’ll be focusing on how to use our inner light to show others the way to a higher level of spiritual awareness. Inspired by the healing work of strong spirits who dare to go beyond well-established boundaries of society, we’ll be welcoming our ability to be a way-shower for others simply by being who we are and allowing our voice’s soul to be heard through our fearless actions. The Reiki principles and conscious breathing are here to support this inner rebirth.

Day 2 – Our Well-Being in a New Light
The secret of well-being is living as close to our Source as possible. In our second day together, we’ll discover Reiki’s sacred power to align us with the pure light within, whether it’s as a professional practice, complementary health approach, or healing tool used to expand our perspective towards duality or deal with past traumas – both personal and transgenerational. Are you ready to see the world with new eyes?

Day 3 – Embrace the Change
When transitions make their appearance in life, it is up to us how we choose to respond to them. Are we embracing change with openness and flexibility or are we reacting with resistance and rigidity? During our third day of the summit, we’ll continue to dive deeper into the fear of the unknown, recognizing change as it truly is – positive and a sign of an evolving life.

Day 4 – Empower the Heart
Our heart embodies a level of consciousness unto itself and this is the key to living a well-balanced and fulfilled life. On the fourth day of the summit, we’ll be inspired to follow our hearts, for they know the way. Living from our heart, as our own authority, experiencing life and ourselves as a divine blessing empowers the light within and attracts other members from our healing tribe – are you ready to step into the wilderness of your heart?

Day 5 – Reiki as a Spiritual Path
Opportunities to evolve and connect with our spiritual path are continuously coming to us through our everyday experiences. All we need to do is recognize them and allow Reiki to guide us through the process of creating beauty and awareness in our lives. In our final summit day, we’ll experience Reiki as an unshakable foundation for our wind-swept lives and the challenges we’re facing at the moment.

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