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Lodro Rinzler offers these three tips for practicing meditation in an office setting – I especially like the “Red Dot” tip. Have you used any of these methods? Do you have other tips based on your own experience? If so, please leave a comment below!

The Ding Meditation

One thing I like to do is set a timer to go off once an hour. I set a reminder on my phone, and after sixty minutes it will go “ding!” No matter what I am working on I am reminded to raise my gaze, connect with my posture, and meditate for a minute. I don’t set a timer for that part of the process, I just practice for what feels like a minute or two then reset the timer and go back to work.

The Red Dot Meditation

My very first meditation instructor offered me this technique when I expressed interest in meditation as a child. He knew I would grow restless if I had to sit still for long periods of time so he recommended I take red circular sticker dots (you can find them at any stationary store) and post them around my house. When I walked by one and noticed it, I should think of it as a tiny STOP sign and pause, connect with my body, pay attention to my breath for a few moments, then move on. Try to do this in your own work environment. They are small enough that very few people will notice them, and it cuts through the habitual way you might rush about the place.

The Buddy System

It’s often helpful to have a community of other meditators who encourage you to practice regularly. With that in mind, try to figure out if there is someone else in your place of employment who is interested in pursuing meditation. If so, you two can carve out some time during lunch or another break and meditate together for ten minutes. You don’t have to practice meditation at home all by yourself; you two can find a quiet spot on the grass outside or on a bench somewhere, set a timer, and enjoy one another’s support. Granted, it is extraordinary to find this sort of spiritual friend at work, but if you can you will experience a great level of support for your meditation practice; it’s worth asking your colleagues if they are interested.

You can read the full article at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lodro-rinzler/3-tips-for-practicing-med_b_5903316.html.

The tips and article are based on Rinzler’s book The Buddha Walks into the Office: A Guide to Livelihood for a New Generation.

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