Show Some Respect for the Placebo Effect


Talk to some “non-believers” about the health and healing benefits of Reiki, meditation, prayer, or what have you, and you are certain to hear “Oh, that’s just the Placebo Effect.”

Just the Placebo Effect? Here’s what people forget when they are dismissive of things like the Placebo Effect, prayer, meditation, Reiki, shamanism, etc.: The only healing comes from within us. And there is a difference between fixing / curing and healing.

Surgery provides a mechanical fix (and don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to have that available if you need it!), but the actual healing takes place in your body after the surgery. Drugs attempt to correct our body chemistry, with varying degrees of success, but the healing is a separate concern. (Trust me on this one!)

Prayer, meditation, Reiki, shamanism, the love of family and friends – these things awaken, encourage, and nurture our own healing capabilities and help us along the path to wellness. Call it the Placebo Effect if you like, but do so with proper respect and awe for what is taking place!

Lissa Rankin, MD, gave a terrific TEDx talk on this subject – you can watch it below.

– Jack



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