Reiki – It’s Not What You Think with Pamela Miles

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Pamela Miles and The Shift Network are presenting a free webinar on a topic near and dear to my heart – Reiki as a spiritual practice. While many of us are introduced to Reiki as a hands-on healing practice, its roots as a spiritual practice go much deeper. You can register for this FREE webinar (which will also sign you up to get the recording) at

In this free online event, you’ll:

  • Explore Reiki practice as taught by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West from Japan in the late 1930s
  • Discover why Reiki is a spiritual practice — and so much more than an energy healing technique
  • Learn how the feeling of being home in your body improves how your body functions
  • Discover why the best way to practice Reiki is the way that YOU practice — and why getting caught up in the “right way” to practice Reiki misses the point
  • Experience a guided Reiki practice for helping the mind soften, allowing you to access your body’s own healing intelligence

I’ve taken courses from Pamela in the past, and I’ve found her to be a patient and thorough teacher. She explores the depths of Reiki, based on her decades of practice and extensive experience integrating Reiki into conventional medicine. If you’re interested in Reiki, healing, alternative medicine, self-care, or spiritual practice, you’ll find this a valuable learning experience.

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