4 Thrilling Meditations Inspired By Roller Coasters

Roller Coaster


Journeying through life is a lot like riding a roller coaster. One minute you’re on top of the world and then you find yourself hurtling to the bottom. Sometimes events move by so fast that you get dizzy, and other times they grind to a halt.
Meditation will help you to stay on track during your daily travels. Use these 4 techniques to cultivate mindfulness under all conditions.


Meditations for Good Times

Appreciate the confidence you develop when you’re on a winning streak. Build up your resources and share your wealth with others.

  1. Count your blessings. List all the things you have to be grateful for. Give thanks for your good health and your loving friends and family.
  2. Assess what you do well. We often focus on the things we need to change. At the same time, we may take for granted the things we excel at. Give yourself credit for your assets so you can build on them.
  3. Give back. The best way to hold onto your good fortune is to use it to benefit others. Think about ways you can help your immediate family and the whole world.


Meditations for Low Times

Be prepared to encounter challenges. Reach out to others for support and reach within yourself to reconnect with your core values.

  1. Be gentle with yourself. You would postpone running if you had a broken leg. Treat your mind as carefully as your limbs. Shorten or simplify your meditations if you need a break.
  2. Ask for help. Teach yourself to accept that your survival and success depends on others. Remember all the kindness you’ve received from your parents and teachers. Identify what kinds of assistance you need now.
  3. Seek spiritual growth. Ironically, your spiritual attainments may soar while your bank account dwindles. Pay attention to how you can build character during a divorce or an earthquake.
  4. Take small steps. Easy victories may provide motivation to pull you out of your slump. Set a goal you can reach right away.


Meditations for Fast Times

When you’re surrounded by rapid change, work on centering yourself. Think strategically and form habits that dissolve stress.

  1. Get organized. Slow down your thoughts. Take time to notice them and give them names. Sort your thoughts into categories.
  2. Clear away clutter. Streamline your to do list. Resolve to tackle the tasks you can complete right away. Decide what issues you can postpone until a more convenient time.
  3. Rest and relax. Commit yourself to finding time to recharge your batteries. You may decide to spend a long weekend at the beach or get to bed a half hour earlier each night.


Meditations for Slow Times

Peaceful moments can be a rare opportunity in modern life. Seize the chance to devote your time to activities that are meaningful to you. Plan for your future.

  1. Clarify your purpose. Ask yourself what you want to do with your life. Describe your ideal living conditions. What would help you to feel happy and gratified?
  2. Create a plan of action. Break down your vision into concrete actions. If you want to communicate more openly with your children, you may need to spend more time with them and practice your listening skills.
  3. Look ahead. Have a conversation with your future self. Consider the long term impact of the daily choices you currently make. Identify any adjustments that would create a safer and more pleasant ride on the roller coaster of life.


Learn to navigate the steep drops and sharp turns in your life. Meditation levels the ground and increases your sense of balance. You’ll become stronger and steadier.

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