Authentic Awakening in Action – Thomas Huebl Free Online Event


Update: The Shift Network has removed the materials for this old event, so I’ve removed those links from the post.

Do You Want to Fully Embody Your Spiritual Potential and Integrate Enlightened Awareness Into Your Daily Life?

If so, then you simply must know about Thomas Huebl – a mystic who is blazing a path of 21st century spiritual practice and helping thousands of students around the world to really live their awakening in the midst of today’s busy world.

Thomas recognizes that it is time to move beyond monastic ideals to create lives as awakened therapists, educators, housewives, businesspeople and healers.

It’s no longer enough to glorify a few saints who live isolated from the stressors of the modern world, but for each and every one of us to wake up – right where we are – and live with the full power available to us.

Many of us on a spiritual path have glimpsed what an authentically awakened life looks like, but are often puzzled by what it will take for us to embody that level of awareness and make it a stable, day-to-day reality – much less apply it in sticky situations of work and love.

Even for those fortunate few of us that have heard and responded to our soul’s deepest calling to awaken, finding an authentically awakened teacher can feel a lot like finding a needle in a haystack – especially in the midst of our busy lives.

In this free event, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Thomas how to set a deeper trajectory for your life in 2015 and really make this the year that you commit to (and succeed) in living from a depth of awakened presence.

During the hour, Thomas will share the key insights and pillars that allow you to discover:

  • The secret to your authentic awakening, and how you can release habitual thinking and behaviors, so that you can fully participate in the movement of life and “innovate” each moment.
  • A new spiritual practice designed uniquely for our fast-paced world that empowers you to meet challenging and difficult situations in your life with confidence, ease and grace
  • How to transform all communication into a spiritual practice, and cultivate a conscious relational space to enjoy deeper, more present connections
  • How to access levels of consciousness that go beyond limiting, conventional ego perceptions and develop subtle energy competency
  • Ways to restore your energy over the course of a day of work rather than deplete it
  • And more… since Thomas is always responding to the spontaneous currents of the moment!


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