Happy World Meditation Day 2020!

Happy World Meditation Day 2020!  

The Art Of Mindfulness | Why Mindfulness Matters & How To Practice It

Excerpted from John Parrott's terrific guide on mindfulness over on his blog at https://relaxlikeaboss.com/the-art-of-mindfulness/ - be sure to check out the full guide there!   Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. In this guide,...

Leaving the Burden of Guilt Behind

Sometimes even after letting go of our mistakes we still feel guilt. Feelings of guilt are distressing and draining. What can be done about it now? Get over your guilt with these strategies: Determine if you should feel guilty. Whose standards are you using? Your...

Rune Wisdom Telesummit Oct 22 – Nov 2

Would you like to connect to a living Guardian energy that will support and uplift you on your personal journey through life? Register for this FREE event! You’ll learn how to: Uplift and expand your awareness through a personal relationship with the runes Access a...

10th Annual Tapping World Summit Starts 26 February 2018!

It's happening again, on February 26th at 8 PM ET - the 10th Annual Tapping World Summit! You see, at this specific date and time, there is a free online event taking place that will dramatically change your life. During this event, you'll be guided through the...

 These 14 Teachers Kick-Butt In Business. Hear Why Connection with Spirit is their #1 Priority!

Join in August 18-21 for this Ground-Breaking Virtual Event!

To be clear – These talks are one-of-a-kind! You will NOT hear these personal conversations anywhere else. There is no other forum like this, where these super-stars get to share these personal secrets!

Welcome to the school of spirit-driven success!

Lisa is bringing together 13 of the industry’s top spirit-led teachers – who also happen to be successful entrepreneurs – who have achieved success by nurturing their spirit while building their business. (And teaching others to do the same.)

Woman Meditating on BeachShe is personally interviewing each teacher and diving into their most powerful spiritual practices for how they:

  • Grew to a million dollar business with The Healing Powers of the Ocean
  • Get out of their analytical brain and commit to specific rituals to go from feeling stressed to having inner peace.
  • How Transcendental Meditation provides a daily vacation
  • Make getting into their body (and out of their CEO head) a daily habit.
  • And SO much more

And this is not just about meditating! The rituals and spiritual practices discussed will span from prayer and stand-up paddleboarding to conversations with your inner-directed CEO and ecstatic dance! Meditating to Millions is not just about sitting on a pillow chanting “ohm”! There are so many ways to connect to Spirit, so you feel completely fulfilled as you grow your business! For us mission-driven entrepreneurs, “success” is only success if we’re helping others improve their lives AND we feel fulfilled, connected, and whole.

chakrasYet so many conscious business owners hold back their spiritual side in fear of turning people off. This results in feeling overwhelmed and seeing your success slipping away. It’s time to make turning to Spirit a priority so you to stay in the game and help lots of people!

If you suspect that your success is contingent upon you figuring out how to be “spiritual” and kick-butt in business, then get your butt to Meditate Your Way to Millions.