The Winter of Wellness – Presented by The Shift Network

Winter of Wellness

The Shift Network is presenting The Winter of Wellness Summit – 60 Days to Optimal Health for Your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul January 20 – March 20, 2015. This summit is a FREE online gathering of 40 wellness pioneers.

With the Winter of Wellness Summit, you’ll learn from experts who will help you uncover the secrets for creating optimum, full spectrum health and wellness for yourself… and extending this invaluable wisdom to those you love. You’ll also discover insights and practices that will awaken, inspire and empower YOU to step into the highest and BEST expression of your true nature.

You’ll learn from master teachers who will give you the information, inspiration, tools and techniques you need to feel GREAT!

  • Isn’t it time to end the stress, the struggle, the pain, the suffering?
  • Isn’t it time to feel energized, vital, joyful and fully alive?
  • Isn’t it time to say “yes” to a life of optimum wellness?

Winter of Wellness - body mind heart soul

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