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Update: The giveaway has ended, so I’ve removed links to it.

The Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway hosted by Carolyn Hansen and Dr. Joe Rubino, along with this year’s special guest host, Andy Shaw, is now underway! It will only be open for a VERY LIMITED TIME… only a few weeks in fact!

So if you are serious about making 2015 the BEST year ever, then you need to jump on board as soon as the event opens on the 8th of January.

All you have to do is go here:

Don’t delay because the doors close for good a few weeks later.

Here’s just a small sample of the 100s of gifts that are available for you to download instantly once the event goes live:

* Persuasion Secret Files – Michael Lee
* 3 Steps to Staying Spiritually Connected – Nancy Showalter
* End Your Sleepless Nights! – Stephanie Mulac
* Reverse Speech Subliminal Triple Download – Geoff Wilkins
* The Door of Everything – Kathy And Suzen
* Attract & Create Abundance Into Your Life Starting Today! – Suni Taylor
* 365 Happiness Vibes free ebook & more – Thea Westra
* 5 Vibration Raising Meditations – Zane Baker
* Your Extraordinary Life Audio Pack – Tim Pond
* Balance & Tone Your Chakras Video – Becca Chopra
* The Ultimate Guide to Career Change at 40 and Beyond – Jessica Sweet
* And Much Much More!

If you are ready to start the year off right, which I’m sure you are, and tackle EVERYTHING that is holding you back from moving forward in life, or if you just want to change things because you are looking for a sense of inner peace, then you need to go here RIGHT NOW:

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