Phantastic Fiction – A Shamanic Approach To Story

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Long time writing teacher Matthew J. Pallamary’s “Phantastic Fiction – A Shamanic Approach to Story” will be released by Mystic Ink Publishing at the 2015 Santa Barbara Writers Conference and will be available in print and e-book formats worldwide through major online retailers, including Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, Flipkart, Baker & Taylor, Page Foundry, and many others.

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Pallamary’s guide to dramatic writing grew out of his popular Phantastic Fiction Workshop which incorporates elements of shamanism that have formed the basis for Joseph Campbell’s legendary Hero’s Journey.[/social_quote] Pallamary’s packed workshops have been a staple of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference and the Southern California Writer’s Conference for over twenty five years. He has also lectured at numerous other venues and led his own weekend intensive workshops. His next Phantastic Fiction workshop will be February 13th – 15th at the Southern California Writers’ Conference in San Diego on President’s Day Weekend.


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Pallamary has spent extended time in the jungles, mountains, and deserts of North, Central, and South America pursuing his studies of shamanism and ancient cultures. Through his research into both the written word and the ancient beliefs of shamanism, he has uncovered the heart of what a story really is and integrated it into core dramatic concepts that have their basis in shamanism.

His historical novel of first contact between shamans and Jesuits in 18th century South America, titled Land Without Evil, was published by Charles Publishing and received rave reviews along with a San Diego Book Award. It was also adapted into a full-length stage and sky show, co-written with Agent Red and performed by Sky Candy, an Austin Texas aerial group. The making of the show was the subject of a PBS series, Arts in Context episode, which garnered an EMMY nomination.

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