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In this special event with Thomas Huebl, a globally renowned teacher of awakening, you’ll learn how to expand your capacity to open to higher states of awareness through meditation and prayer AND by increasing your groundedness in everyday experiences.

Shift Network - Next Level of MeditationHe’ll share precise insights about making your relationships a spiritual practice, as well as how you can go beyond personal practice altogether and enter the collective wave of awakening.

Thomas will share fascinating examples from his own journey of awakening that will inspire your own, as well as help you avoid three common pitfalls that advanced seekers often face.

If you’ve ever felt that you’re “too sensitive” to the world’s denser vibrations or find it sometimes difficult to be around “less conscious” people, Thomas will show you how you are probably getting too attached to higher consciousness levels while subtly rejecting the “lower” — which actually cripples your practice.

However, when you practice advanced meditations correctly, competence, bliss and responsibility CAN all go hand-in-hand.

The leading edge of meditation is thus about integrating light and shadow, ascent and embodiment, inner exploration with full outer engagement, and solo time with spiritual community. On this edge, we enter into one coherent dance of awakening that becomes an offering to the Divine within and outside us.

It is a path for urban mystics, integral yogis and advanced spiritual practitioners who have careers, worldly responsibilities or families while also retaining a burning desire for transformation and enlightenment.

If you join Thomas for this complimentary online seminar, you’ll learn:

  • How to integrate deep spiritual openings into your daily life
  • Practices that help expand the energy of your lower energy centers for more stability as you open to the “heights” of realization
  • How to navigate shadow material that invariably arises in your practice
  • The potential to work with collective fields of karma, energy and intention
  • How to metabolize and transform karma
  • How to remedy becoming ungrounded, vague and unfocused
  • The importance of embodiment and relationships in the next level of meditation

Thomas Huebl is a rare mystical guide who has been blazing a path of 21st century spiritual practice and helping thousands of students around the world to live their awakening in the midst of a complex world.

He’s able to navigate advanced realms of spiritual mastery while also showing up in a delightfully warm, transparent and brotherly way. He’s the best of modern-day enlightenment: deep thinking, clear-seeing and heartfully accessible.

If you are called to an authentically awakened life, this is the online event for you. You’ll also learn about an exciting new program with Thomas that explores gross, subtle and causal meditation practices, as well as leading-edge spiritual topics like subtle body competence and global “social witnessing.”

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Here’s what other renowned luminaries are saying about Thomas:

Thomas Huebl is an exceptional teacher, integrally well-grounded and communicatively gifted.  His Authentic Awakening [teaching] is just that—an authentic transmission of the awakened mind.  Highly recommended!
-Ken Wilber, Integral Philosopher and Author

Thomas Huebl is an extraordinary, mesmerizing teacher. There is mysterious soul connection he makes with his students that empowers and reveals profound truth.  I love the way he helps us come from the future as we deal with the present.  It’s just the way I think too. I admire him greatly.
-Barbara Marx Hubbard, Renowned Futurist, Author and Speaker

Thomas Huebl is a master teacher of interactive awakening. His gift for leading people into awakened communal space is a major contribution to the contemporary spiritual world.
-Sally Kempton, Spiritual teacher and Author

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