9 Ways Daily Mindfulness Will Help You Succeed

Practice Mindfulness Daily

It seems like you can’t throw a rock without hitting somebody extolling the virtues of mindfulness. Of course, I think that’s a good thing, minus the rock-throwing bit. :)

In this case, Time.com shares an article by Prerna Gupta, originally published on StartupCollective.

Here are the first three of Prerna’s nine simple ways that incorporating mindfulness into your work life can help you succeed – follow either of the links above to read the entire article:

  1. Forgive and forget. Workplace politics are draining, and a waste of time. Don’t let yourself get sucked into drama. Save your mental energy for your own success by forgiving those who slight you, forgetting who said what about whom, and moving on to more important things.
  2. Breathe before you blast. Try not to shoot off emails when you’re angry. Take a deep breath first and reflect on what’s behind your anger. Anger-driven emails almost always do more harm than good, to sender and receiver alike.
  3. Stop being ‘judgy.’ Mistakes are an opportunity to learn, not an excuse to look at yourself or others with negativity. Assessing mistakes from a neutral perspective allows you and your team to grow from them. Harping on them only serves to bring you (and those around you) down.

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