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RELEASED E-book & Print on Amazon, December, 2014

Tips on How to Find a Good Psychic, Improve Life in The Spirit Connection

Many of us ask the questions, Why are we here? What purpose is there for the pain I suffer? How can I make my life better? We plan and save and try to have a better life, but it slips through our fingers. By reading The Spirit Connection, by Susan Lukas, tips are offered on how to find the answers. She tells us the stories of 10 good, true psychics, herself included, and the gifts they offer to help us deal with our lives.

Lukas tells readers that good Psychics are God’s super heroes. They have a direct connection to Spirit Guides, the souls on the other side of the divide who try to advise us throughout our lives on Earth. It is their mission to try to help and to provide direction. Their mission comes directly from God.

One may pray to God, but never know if an answer was received. By talking with a good Psychic, a direct connection can be established with Spirit Guides and loved ones on the other side. How does the author know this? Her Spirit Guides requested that she write this book. They want to be more helpful to all the people on Earth.

After you read the book, a Web site called has been built to offer more guidance. Go to the site for links to Psychics around the world who have been certified by Ethel, the site spirit guide. Grow in understanding by reading books by other authors, and find out what events these Psychics are attending so you can meet them. Ask Ethel a question for a free mini channeled writing returned to you by e-mail.

Lukas graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a degree in journalism. She is a writer, photographer and graphic designer. Since 1988, Susan has exhibited her fine art prints at art shows and galleries in the U.S. and has won many awards for her work.

Lukas has taught photography to adults in metro Milwaukee since 2003. She wrote her first book, Naturally, She’s Dreaming, as a way to help others. She offers readers 32 of her fine art images with tips on how to improve their photography and Photoshop skills, along with inspirational essays. We are souls first living a human experience. Celebrate nature and art as the spiritual connection we all have.

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