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This is a guest post by Susan Lukas, a Medium who wrote the books Naturally, She’s Dreaming and The Spirit Connection. To learn more about her, go to

Where do ideas come from? For me, they seem to float down from a cloud or pop into my head like popcorn. I use this inspiration to create my art and to write my books. In channeled writings, my Spirit Guides often told me to look into the well to see myself in a certain way. Visualizing this well was difficult to do since I wasn’t sure where it was or how to find it. My guides told me one day, when I was impatient about it, that this well was inside my heart. They showed me how to access my inspiration on a regular basis. They gave me a great gift. Our Spirit Guides provide inspiration when asked. Being open to their guidance, I received their gifts to improve my life.

Artists are creative, but they are not the only problem solvers in this world. What inspires them to make art? First they want to make art. They go to classes, try different types of art, and learn techniques. They practice, develop a steady hand or look at other art. Then later in their studios practicing, a new thought comes to them. They develop that idea into a style.

In my own life, I’ve had my struggles, as we all do. Before I wrote my first book, I wondered what I was doing with my life. We don’t live just to pay the bills. Get up, go to work, come home and repeat. I was a robot who marched through my life thinking there must be more to life. I went searching for answers. I read books about spirituality and tried to apply the ideas in books to my life.

I learned there are no accidents. When I came to this point in my life, I found Spirit through a friend who was a Medium and gave me readings. She didn’t advertise or charge for her services. In fact, few people knew of her ability. Her reading to me said, “when few people believed in what you could do, you persevered.” The message was never give up. Spirit has got your back. That reading inspired me to keep trying with my art and create a book of my images.

Many of the essays in Naturally, She’s Dreaming, my first book, are stories from my life. My purpose was to create a book offering inspiration through images and essays. Did I channel my art and essays in my first book? Yes, I believe that all of us channel to different degrees. That’s what inspiration is. We receive ideas from our guides. We are all psychic and have that source deep inside of ourselves, in our hearts. Some of us dig down to it while others deny its existence.

Artists are more likely to recognize this feeling and call it Flow, or how I can create art that is different from others. It goes beyond technical ability, which we learn in art school, to something deeper. I always wondered what it was. Sometimes I was able to tap it, while other times it slipped away. I would look at art I had created years ago and wonder how I did it.

I kept track of my inspirations in a journal and I meditated. Meditation is listening to our guides; prayer is talking to our guides. When I had a problem, sometimes I would let it sit for awhile. A solution might come to me. Perseverance and vision were key. I was humble and grateful for access. Before I even realized that inspiration came from spirit, I felt compelled to create my art. I later learned that this was what I was supposed to be doing. I opened myself to my life as an artist.

How could my experiences help you solve the problems in your life? First you have to think what the problem is. What do you want the outcome to be? Problem solving is a step into the unknown. We might not know what the first step should be, or if we will succeed. Are we going in the right direction? As someone told me once, how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

Start by going to a reliable Psychic. We can ask questions of Spirit or our loved ones. They will tell us if we are going in the right direction or if we should do something else. What inspiration do you want in your life?  Are you looking for a solution to a work, relationship or health issue? Should you pursue a career as an artist? Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door shall be opened. You may be surprised by the response you receive.

A good reliable psychic will provide validation, or details from your life first, then give you a message from your guides or loved ones to help you live your best life, the life you planned before you were born. We risk rejection or failure when we try something new. That stops many of us from moving forward. The critics inside our heads say, “I can’t do that” or “this is silly.” But with the help of a reliable psychic, you know you have a team behind you to back you in a new experience. They want you to be successful and to fulfill your pre-life plans.

For instance I may have a difficult relationship in my life with a close friend. We have issues we can’t seem to resolve. It hurts to see that person drift away. By meeting with a Medium, I can ask questions of Spirit about the relationship and the other person’s feelings. They may suggest ways to resolve our issues or let go of our friendship. Not everyone in our lives is meant to be there long term.

Where can you find a reliable psychic? In my book, The Spirit Connection, I answer this question and then provide several psychics who have been approved by spirit. The nine psychics in the book were called God’s superheroes by my guides for their willingness to serve and protect. At, find more psychics who have been chosen by spirit.

In the new year, open your heart to the possibilities. Your future is out there, and with Spirit’s help, you can make it your best year yet, a year with direction and purpose, filled with inspiration.

Susan Lukas is a Medium who wrote the books Naturally, She’s Dreaming and The Spirit Connection. Spirit asked her to serve by writing her books and creating her art. To learn more about her, go to

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