Reiki Therapy at the Norton Cancer Institute (video)

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This short (2:10) video offers a clear explanation of the use and benefits of Reiki in healing, and specifically as used in cancer treatment.  As I’ve noted elsewhere, Reiki provides an opportunity for spiritual reflection and connection; relaxation; balancing the body’s energy; and encouraging the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Susan Bigelow- Patient
“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in
March 2013. So at that time you know that jus totally changed my world.”

Beth Spalding, R.N.- Reiki Practitioner
“Reiki is an energy therapy and it’s practiced worldwide. It’s used at all the time by major medical centers and especially the major cancer institutes. It works as a compliment to traditional medical treatment.
The Reiki practitioner, through general use of her hands, serves as a conduit for energy to help reduce stress and to enhance relaxation and to promote energy balance.”

Susan Bigelow- Patient
“It helps me significantly emotionally. We all have a lot of stress on our life and there’s just always a lot of things going on and this just gives you an hour to just connect you know spiritually.”

Beth Spalding, R.N.- Reiki Practitioner
Reiki therapy helps the patient enter into a deep state of relaxation and then it
helps to restore the energy balance and then it promotes the body to assist in
its own self healing.”

Susan Bigelow- Patient
“It helps me a deal with the trials of cancer. Some of us need a surgery, radiation chemo. I’ve had all that and those are all important but you need to work on your body, mind and spirit.”

Beth Spalding, R.N.- Reiki Practitioner
“Reiki reminds us that we are all connected with divine energy in that we are not alone.”

Visit the Norton Cancer Institute’s website at for more on their programs, staff, and services.

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