Happy World Meditation Day 2020!

Happy World Meditation Day 2020!  

The Art Of Mindfulness | Why Mindfulness Matters & How To Practice It

Excerpted from John Parrott's terrific guide on mindfulness over on his blog at https://relaxlikeaboss.com/the-art-of-mindfulness/ - be sure to check out the full guide there!   Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. In this guide,...

Leaving the Burden of Guilt Behind

Sometimes even after letting go of our mistakes we still feel guilt. Feelings of guilt are distressing and draining. What can be done about it now? Get over your guilt with these strategies: Determine if you should feel guilty. Whose standards are you using? Your...

Rune Wisdom Telesummit Oct 22 – Nov 2

Would you like to connect to a living Guardian energy that will support and uplift you on your personal journey through life? Register for this FREE event! You’ll learn how to: Uplift and expand your awareness through a personal relationship with the runes Access a...

10th Annual Tapping World Summit Starts 26 February 2018!

It's happening again, on February 26th at 8 PM ET - the 10th Annual Tapping World Summit! You see, at this specific date and time, there is a free online event taking place that will dramatically change your life. During this event, you'll be guided through the...

By now, almost everyone has come across the word chakra, but what are the chakras and why are they important? If you have been struggling in certain areas of your life and feeling ‘stuck’ or out of balance, it’s time to get to know your chakras.

The chakras are energy centers associated with a certain area of the body and particular types of energy which can be balanced and even magnified in order to effect transformation in your life. The 7 chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine through to the top of the head. Each chakra has its own color and type of energy.

chakras---seated-250-x-250Starting from the bottom and working our way to the top, with the color of each chakra, we have:

1 – The Root Chakra – red
2 – The Navel, Sex or Sacral Chakra – orange
3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra – yellow
4 – The Heart Chakra – green
5 – The Throat Chakra – blue
6 – The Third Eye Chakra – indigo
7 – The Crown Chakra – violet

If you look at the colors listed, you will notice that each chakra corresponds to a color of the rainbow or spectrum. The healing energy pictured as coming in and out of the crown chakra is often shown as white light, that is, the combination of all of the colors of the spectrum.

The purpose of the chakras is to spin to send out and also attract energy in order to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness of the body in balance.

What are the energies contained in each chakra?

1 – The Root Chakra – stability, having life’s essentials, such as food, water and shelter
A balanced one means prosperity and ease. Imbalance triggers hardship and greed.

2 – The Navel, Sex or Sacral Chakra – passion, creativity, procreation
Balance give confidence and sex appeal. Imbalance creates timidity and the feeling of being stuck in a rut.

3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra – willpower and personal power
Balance gives the energy and motivation to achieve all your goals. Imbalance means a lack of ambition or momentum.

4 – The Heart Chakra – love, compassion, empathy
A balanced heart chakra gives you harmony in all your relationships. An imbalanced one closes you off and makes you jealous of others.

5 – The Throat Chakra – communication
A balanced one helps you with all your spoken and written communications and allows you to tap into your authentic self. An imbalanced one results in lying, gossiping and being a bad listener.

6 – The Third Eye Chakra – intuition, wisdom
A balanced one helps you tap into your higher self and make connections with the spiritual. An imbalanced one makes you feel stuck or cut off from yourself.

7 – The Crown Chakra – higher self
A balanced one leaves you open in mind, body and spirit. A closed one cuts you off from your highest potential and make you close-minded.

Balance one or all of your chakras and see what a difference it can make to your health and prosperity.