Reflection: My Soul Holds the Key to Positive Living


My soul holds the key to positive living.

The wellness of my soul determines how happy I am in my life. Having a soul free of chaos and turmoil means I can live with a clear conscience, heart, and mind.

I train myself to let go of any negative energy in my life. Each morning, I spend a few moments consciously opening my soul to positivity. When I let goodness fill my soul, it reflects in my thoughts, words, and actions.

My soul yearns to be fed with love from the special people who surround me. I am sure to spend quality time with them each day. I part ways with them feeling blessed.

A pure soul also helps me to develop compassion for others in need. When I eliminate pride and doubt from my consciousness, I am able to offer sincere help. I avoid looking at what others think of my outreach. I do what feels right within my soul.

I appreciate the beauty of the world. Being conscious of the wonder around me adds positive energy to my life. The beauty inspires me to live beautifully.

Today, I commit to nurturing my soul with good things. I know that feeding it with optimistic truths is the key to ensuring my life remains positive. I encourage love within my consciousness so I am able to extend love to people around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How often do I assess the state of my soul to determine if it is well?
  2. How do negative environments impact my ability to keep my soul pure?
  3. In which situations do I need the help of loved ones to recalibrate my soul?

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