Lifting the Sky: Meditation in Joyful Motion


Below is my contribution to the #1 Best Seller 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, an inspirational book with a year’s worth of ways to connect with your soul! Over 200 authors collaborated to share how they connect with their soul with the hopes that it will help you connect with yours as well.

There are 365 ways to connect with your soul inside this book, including meditative practices, being in nature, playing and creating, receiving messages from loved ones on the other side, changing your thoughts, raising your vibration, spending time with your pets, and so much more!

Thirty minutes ago, after Knocking on the Door of Life, I was Lifting the Sky and Flying. No, I wasn’t hallucinating – I was practicing the ancient Chinese system of healing and energy medicine known as Qi Gong (pronounced “Chee Gung”).

chi energy

I first learned of Qi Gong in the early 1970s, when I began studying martial arts. Translated, Qi Gong means the cultivation of the universal life energy through steady practice. Qi Gong practices can be classified as martial, medical, or spiritual, but they are all a form of moving meditation coordinating slow, fluid movements; deep, rhythmic breathing; and a focused state of mind.

Even though I initially encountered Qi Gong in its martial form as T’ai Chi, I’ve come to especially appreciate its spiritual aspect as a meditative practice harmonizing body, mind, and soul. As I flow slowly through each position, my breathing synchronizes with my movements and my mind naturally slows down. I feel the qi flowing in and through me, opening me to a calm centeredness and quiet joy.

Performing Qi Gong as a spiritual practice doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits in other areas as well. The gentle movements allow me to practice even when I am in pain from the compressed discs in my back, while at the same time reducing my discomfort. If I am feeling stressed during the day, a few repetitions of the Centering exercise can bring me back to a more grounded state.

Qi Gong is a very flexible and forgiving system; if my knees are stiff, I can just crouch less deeply, or if my back is sore, I can spend extra time on the stretching movements. And even if I only have 10 minutes to practice, I can still walk away feeling calm, refreshed, and more in touch with the universe and my soul.

365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul

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