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Starts Sat. May 7! Hay House World Summit 2016 + 4 Free Audio Lessons

by | May 3, 2016 | Blog, Events, News

It’s that time of year again! Hay House is bringing you another World Summit to empower, heal and transform your life with the world’s leading experts. Now there’s 20 days to listen, a downloadable Hay House World Summit Welcome Pack to help you take action, and a supportive global community devoted to learning, growing, and living life to the fullest!
Register now and jumpstart your learning adventure with 4 FREE audio lessons, available exclusively for pre-event attendees. These lessons are a great way to start your learning adventure while you wait for the summit to start!
Hay House World Summit 2016When you register before the summit starts, you’ll receive audio lessons from:
  • Marianne Williamson – Wisdom from a Course in Miracles
  • Deepak Chopra – Who Am I?
  • Brian Weiss – Meditation, Past Lives and Relaxation
  • Davidji – Meditation and Mindfulness
What’s in this year’s Hay House World Summit for you?
• 100 experts, authors and spiritual teachers covering multiple topics including, physical, mental and emotional health, spirituality, prosperity, relationships and self-empowerment.
• Inspirational movies to uplift, stimulate and renew your mind, body and spirit.
• The Hay House World Summit Welcome Pack to help you follow through in making changes that are important to you.
• Choose Your Personal Growth Path Infographic to guide you to the lessons you most want to hear.
• Exclusive access to our Hay House World Summit Facebook Group, a group of like-minded people who understand you and will support and nurture you in living your best life.
Get all of this wisdom FREE with 20 days to listen and learn from the world’s leading experts! As you know, the Journey to Self-Discovery, Health and Success isn’t just a one-time event! It is an ongoing, connected and encouraging process to great change and ultimate fulfillment. Be a part of the Hay House World Summit supportive global community – devoted to learning, growing and living life to the fullest!
Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

I'm a healer, teacher, author, and mystic who loves helping others find and explore their own soulful paths. My personal practices include meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, and qigong.



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