British Airways Installs In-Flight Meditation Program for Fearful Fliers



In a sign of the times, British Airways is including meditation and breathing exercise videos for nervous passengers:

There’s no mistaking a passenger on board who is afraid of flying. While, there are on average less than 90 flying-related accidents world wide, it can be hard for some to let go of their fears as it becomes a more integral mode of travel. Luckily for patrons of British Airways, the airline is providing them with an easy way to find some inner peace.

The commercial airline has teamed up with the Mindfulness Institute to create a series of video for nervous passengers before and during their flight. Led by Mindfulness Institute founder and instructor Mark Coleman, each video takes viewers through a series of breathing and visualization exercises to clear the mind and relax the body.

The first video is designed to be done while waiting to board the plane, calming passengers down before boarding start. The second is to be watched during the flight in order to quell post-take off jitters, and the final video is to help passengers transition into disembarking and their final destination.

All the exercises can be done comfortably from the passenger’s seat and incorporate the noises and rhythms of the plane in the meditations.

British Airways has other tips for nervous travelers on the go, such as listening to soothing music, gentle stretches before boarding and while in your seat, long walks through the terminal in advance of sitting for hours, and dressing in comfortable clothing.




(Am I the only one that gets a chuckle out of an airline providing training in staying grounded? Yeah, I thought so… ;)  )


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